Zebra Partner Newsletter: January 2022


Welcome to this year’s first expanded newsletter for ZEBRA SYSTEMS partners.

Below you will find a full list of promotions and news from vendors whose solutions ZEBRA SYSTEMS helps you sell. You can find the terms and conditions of the individual promotions and a detailed explanation of each of the news items by clicking on the associated links, or you can contact us at any time via email or phone.


Active Promotions:


GFI Software

  • Customers who purchase Kerio Control will also receive a free 3‑month GFI LanGuard license. After that, they will be able to purchase the solution at a discounted price.
  • The SMA Amnesty program runs with no time limit. The only condition to take advantage of the program is that the license must be Grandfathering (legacy).

For more information about GFI Software’s partner promotions, please visit the Promotions section of the partner portal or contact us.


  • Take advantage of the tempting introductory price for using the N‑able RMM solution in the EDR or MAV edition with the bargain Starter packs.
  • New N-able customers who subscribe to N-able N-Central or N-able RMM solutions will receive a CRACK THE M$P CODE credit for a subscription to N-able security products worth double their order.

For more information about N-able partner promotions, please visit the N-able partner portal or contact us.

News You Should Not Miss...


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GFI Software

GFI Software has released an update to Kerio Connect (9.3.1 p2) that fixes the Log4j vulnerability, formally named CVE‑2021‑44228. All Kerio Connect server administrators are strongly advised to install the patch as soon as possible to prevent possible exploitation of the vulnerability. If you are unable to update, you should disable the “Chat” feature to prevent possible exploitation. The patched version is available for download at https://upgrade.gfi.com/check/kerio-connect/931-patch-2.

In quick response to the Log4j vulerability, the GFI LanGuard vulnerability database has been updated as well. The vulnerability scan now reveals the Log4j vulnerability on both Windows and Linux systems. The database is updated automatically, or you can download it yourself in the solution’s user interface or just check if you have version 251. If you don’t use GFI LanGuard currently but want your systems to be protected against the latest threats, you can download and try GFI Languard’s 30-day free trial version and experience safety for yourself.


The December Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud update brought a number of major enhancements and new features. For example, you can now create Immutable backups in Acronis MSP solutions. In addition, the solution now supports granular recovery for MySQL and MariaDB, and you can also take advantage of improved support for Disaster Recovery of DHCP servers. More information about the update can be found at https://www.acronis.com/en-us/products/cloud/cyber-protect/whats-new/.