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There are many dilemmas we have about artificial intelligence. We believe that AI will help us to solve many challenges, but at the same time we are also afraid that AI will bring also negative consequences. Are we ready for next step in artificial intelligence? Let’s have look at the most interesting answers from guest at our Be MSP! conference in Croatia.  Maxim Akimov, Sr. distribution manager NCEE at N-able: „There are people who are telling that invention of AI, is... More
Based on the latest edition of its Acronis Cyber Readiness Report 2021, Acronis said that only 20% of companies surveyed were not attacked this year, up from 32% last year. The report, which surveyed organizations on their cyber readiness, revealed that underestimating the latest threats by IT managers and inadequate... More
Acronis said that according to a local survey conducted in October among Czech IT providers, 46% of them already provide some kind of MSP services and are planning further switch to MSP. In addition to rising customer demand for IT security services, one of the reasons for the move to... More