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Acronis presented the results of a local survey that found only 27% of IT administrators test data recovery from backup at least once a month, even though most of them are experiencing more cyber attacks than a year ago. The survey was conducted in April 2022 among vendors of ZEBRA... More
Acronis presented the results of its annual Cyber Protection Week survey, which it traditionally presents on the occasion of World Backup Day. This year's report highlights the increasing number of personal or work data losses, but also the growing popularity of cloud backup. Nearly three-quarters of IT users have already... More
Acronis said that one year after the launch of its Prague Acronis Data Center, it has registered more than 2,000 protected devices and 150 TB of data located in the Czech Republic. Among the fastest growing services provided are cloud-based Disaster Recovery (up 800%) and the cybersecurity segment in general,... More
Acronis said that the Czech Freestyle Moguls Team has successfully deployed and is using Acronis Cyber Files Cloud, a data sharing and synchronization solution. The Acronis solution has enabled the team to cope with the high demands of capturing and managing training and competition data, as well as creating and... More
Based on the latest edition of its Acronis Cyber Readiness Report 2021, Acronis said that only 20% of companies surveyed were not attacked this year, up from 32% last year. The report, which surveyed organizations on their cyber readiness, revealed that underestimating the latest threats by IT managers and inadequate... More
Acronis said that according to a local survey conducted in October among Czech IT providers, 46% of them already provide some kind of MSP services and are planning further switch to MSP. In addition to rising customer demand for IT security services, one of the reasons for the move to... More