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Reliable internet access and fast technical support are vital to the yachting business today.

PRAGUE, February 25, 2022 – GFI Software, a provider of security and management solutions for enterprise networks, said luxury motor yacht Lotus successfully relies on Kerio Control for its cruises. This provides passengers and crew with reliable and secure access to the internet and communication systems vital to the operation of the ship while underway.

The 45-metre Lotus yacht is designed to accommodate up to 12 passengers and nine crew members and, in addition to the usual facilities, is equipped with a gourmet kitchen, a spacious Jacuzzi and an on-board gym. In addition to the expected demands placed on modern yachts, the modern needs of the people who will be staying on them must also be kept in mind. This includes secure internet access while at sea.

For this reason, the yacht is equipped with the Kerio Control UTM solution, which ensures the flawless functioning of all other parts of the system while providing firewall-protected Internet access to crew members and guests. Kerio Control is the central point that securely connects and enables communication with all the ship’s subsystems.

A specific requirement is then reliable technical support wherever the ship is located. Given the mobile nature of the yachting business, quality distribution and a wide partner network are essential to help customers who need to resolve acute technical issues. During a cruise, Lotus found itself in just such a situation, docked in Croatia far from its home port and its GFI Software partner, who installed the Kerio Control solution.

“We sought technical assistance directly from the manufacturer, GFI Software, and its regional representative, which is ZEBRA SYSTEMS,” Reynald Néron, captain of the motor yacht Lotus. “In such a situation, and in a foreign country, we were worried about whether and how we would be able to restore functionality, which is very important for any successful voyage. The response of the company and its distributor and partner in the Adriatic region has been exemplary. We made contact with the local partner and the system was fully operational again. The representative of hYperSEC partner, Times Computers from Zagreb, restored 100% functionality of Kerio Control on site and also made all follow-up systems operational.”

Used by more than 25,000 customers worldwide, Kerio Control provides comprehensive protection for computer networks against cyber threats with next-generation firewall, antivirus and anti-malware protection, web protection and virtual private networks. The solution can be installed as a standalone software application, activated as part of the GFI Unlimited licensing program, or purchased as a hardware appliance easily connected to your own network.

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