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The new product is a response to emerging web threats that can bypass traditional web filtering systems.

PRAGUE, February 22, 2022 – ZEBRA SYSTEMS, distributor of N-able solutions in the Czech and Slovak markets, announced availability of N-able DNS Filtering, new IT security tool in its N-able portfolio that enables MSPs to protect their customers from advanced web threats. The new product is part of N-able’s RMM platform N-central.

DNS filtering provides a first line of defense that significantly reduces the risk of attack from malicious hacker activity. It is a technique to block access to certain websites or IP addresses that can compromise corporate systems. It is based on the premise that the sooner an attack is stopped, ideally in its infancy, the less damage it will cause and requires less time and cost to remediate. The N-able DNS Filtering product includes effective tools to interrupt the “kill chain”, i.e. the chain of a cyber attack, at any stage.

The benefits of this solution are:

  • Using artificial intelligence and machine learning to detect and block malicious sites in real time
  • Quickly setting up DNS protection on customers’ infrastructure
  • Gaining visibility into the IT environment in use at customers, including devices located outside the corporate network
  • Easy commissioning and management from one central dashboard


“Thousands of malicious websites, fraudulent ad banners, phishing sites and other threats are created every day that traditional corporate web filters cannot detect and block in time,” said Ondřej Šabata, Sales Engineer for N-able solutions at ZEBRA SYSTEMS. “The new product is the next step away from the traditional break/fix model towards proactive security that allows us to eliminate attacks before they cause any damage.”

More information about the product is available here.

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